Tempest - The Machine

Tempest is an all-terrain remote-controlled, multi-tooled, multi functional machine designed to be deployed anywhere in the world and to assist in humanitarian landmine clearance operations. It has been designed as a platform for various tools and attachments with the objective being that one machine can perform a number of different tasks and roles within humanitarian de-mining.  

It has been designed to meet the needs of post-conflict mine-clearance, where it is used to clear vegetation and trip-wires as a pre-cursor to accelerated clearance by both mechanical and non-mechanical methods. Tempest costs about one- third of similar commercially available machines, is easy to operate and transport, and is very inexpensive to run.

Although originally designed to remove vegetation and trip-wire initiated anti-personnel (AP) mines, Tempest has since been developed into a versatile multi-tooled system with the addition of a ground-engaging flail head, a magnetized attachment for removal of metal fragmentation, a horizontal slasher/cutter, rear mounted rake/magnet and a versatile bucket for EOD.

The Tempest is completely fabricated and assembled in Cambodia.  There are now 23 machines operating in Cambodia, Thailand, DR Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Bosnia, Ecuador and Lao.  The Tempest is currently being used by seven different de-mining   organisations around the world, making it one of the most popular multi-tooled machines in the world.

Weighing approximately 3 tonnes (depending on the tools fitted), the Tempest is powered by a 45kW  Deutz air-cooled diesel engine. Detachable cutting heads use a high-speed horizontal flail system, which can either mulch the vegetation or cut directly into the ground to a depth of 150mm.