MK7 Feature

DTW’s latest upgrade of the Tempest is the Mark 7 introduced in 2008. 

In addition to the features described below, the MK 7 incorporates an engineering innovation recently developed by DTW engineers – a system of Maximum Power Distribution (MPD).  Simply described, this system is designed to make optimum continuous use of engine power by distributing unused power in the flail to the tracks and vice versa, so that no engine power is wasted. 

Other features:

  • Load-sensing and power sharing hydraulic system – automatic regulation of forward speed dependent on vegetation density.
  • Quick-hitch attachment system.
  • Horizontal axis vegetation cutting ‘flail' attachment.
  • Small and large magnet attachments.
  • Vertical axis ‘slasher' attachment.
  • New ground engaging flail head (GEFH).
  • New tracked version.