How Its Operates

The Tempest is fitted with a high- tech, easy to operate digital radio control system with a range of over 400 meters. With the operator standing in a safe area and behind a specially designed steel - polycarbonate shield, (another DTW product) he uses the digital radio control system to maneuver the Tempest in the mined areas.

The latest Tempest comes complete with an intelligent flail head, a unique feedback system which can sense the load on the flail. If the load becomes too great, the system automatically reduces the forward speed which in turn reduces the load on the flail head.  The intelligent flail head enables an operator to set the speed control to maximum; the Tempest will then automatically adjust to control its cutting rate and drive speed.  The result is quicker land clearance coverage since the operator no longer has to back the machine off when encountering more dense vegetation.

Another innovation is the fact that the latest Tempests (MK 7) is now software controlled, affording greater flexibility in the automatic guidance of the machine and allowing an operator to adjust the machine to meet minefield conditions. The operator’s control is made easier by a user-friendly joystick system.

Due to its unique design, the Tempest is capable of continuous operation after detonating anti-personnel mines and, even if damaged by a larger detonating device, can be repaired easily and at low cost.  It can operate on most soil and terrain configurations since DTW introduced a rubber- tracked version as an addition to the original wheeled machine.