Technical Training for Disabled

A 2005 survey conducted by DTW in conjunction with the National Center of Disabled Persons (NCDP) and Handicap International (France) indicated that there is a large gap in the workplace for well trained technical workers. To help fill this gap, a decision was made to develop a training program to enable unskilled disabled persons to qualify for metalworking job opportunities.





DTW Challenge: 
Work with NCDP to establish a pilot program to train disabled persons in metalworking skills demanded by private sector employers.  DTW is to provide workshop training facilities, trainers, tools, as well as management of the program with NCDP.
Project Partners:   
NCDP (National Center of Disabled Persons)  -  Provided data and Information, assisted in selection of trainees. And will assist in placement of trained persons; Handicap International (France) -  Co-financed the original survey; ETC International Group (Netherlands)  -  Funded the pilot training program; and ChrysalisConducted a personal development course to help trainees improve their confidence and self-esteem. Status: 
The pilot training project is scheduled for one year with actual training beginning in February 2008.
Lightly disabled persons will be trained in basic metalwork skills for a period of 8 weeks. The first group will consist of 16 students and 3 trainers.  Continuation of the project will depend on the degree of success achieved in placing trained persons in meaningful jobs within the private sector.