Partner Acknowledgments

DTW are not experts in landmine clearance nor in EOD. The success of the TEMPEST today is heavily due to a number of organisations that have supported and guided us along the way. We would therefore like to thank all the organisations that have worked with us whether they have been an end user, a donor or the end user, consultants or have just offered advice.

A special thank you to the HALO Trust and the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) who have  worked with us from the very first year and are still helping us to the present day. Their shared vision in 1997 of what this very crude looking machine could become is a testament to their professionalism and knowledge.

However, our biggest debt of gratitude is reserved for U.S. Army Communications Electronics Research & Development Center (CERDEC), Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) Humanitarian De-mining (HD) Program for their continuing support both financial and technical.  They have both truly helped to get the Tempest machines from off design table to the fully matured production models now available.

In addition, NVESD have supported Tempest deployments in numerous countries, such as Cambodia, Ecuador, Mozambique and Thailand.