Factory Support

As part of the purchase, DTW offers a full spare parts package, all manuals and documentation, warranty and factory follow-up for 12 months.  DTW offers a number of other packages relating to parts, maintenance, and training – all tailored to meet the needs of the user organisation.  Packages take into account the number of machines, the destination country, local skill levels as well as the level of support required.  If deemed necessary, DTW can also provide a customized 20 ft Workshop Container  complete with all relevant tools that can serve as a field workshop

Another purchasing benefit attached to the Tempest is its capacity to be upgraded.  The DTW upgrade package can extend the life of the Tempest for at least an additional 3 years at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new machine, effectively doubling its life.  Upgrading has proven to be such a success with many users that it has now become a regular part of the Tempest program.