Mine Disposal Flair

Disarmco “Dragon” Flair
Traditionally, landmines and munitions have been destroyed or disposed of by explosion, by burning or even in some cases deep sea dumping.  In recent years these methods - for legal, safety, environmental and practical reasons - have become increasingly difficult to justify.  However, the scale of the land mine problem is such that we needed to find other methods of disposal. 

DTW Challenge

Working together with a combined team of explosive experts in the UK and Cambodia and under the leadership of  UK-based humanitarian de-mining specialists Disarmco Ltd,  DTW participated in the development of the next generation anti-land mine clearance device, including development of a mobile production facility.

The anti-landmine invention – codenamed “Dragon” - is the subject of a European patent application and is cheaper, faster and quicker than many existing alternatives.  The Dragon flair is unique in that it can be produced on-site and to-order by locally employed personnel in a custom-made, mobile production facility.  Moreover, Dragons can be produced cheaply, efficiently and in complete safety. 


DTW, under contract to DfID (UK Department for international Development), has produced in excess of 1,400 Dragon flares which have been distributed among the de-mining community of Cambodia. The Dragon performed well.  DTW managed to prove that the product can be manufactured in any developing country with minimum supervision or training.

The mobile production facility is currently in DTW’s compound in Phnom Penh awaiting shipment to Africa where the flairs will undergo further testing.