Demining Protection

One of DTW’s first projects was development work on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for use by humanitarian de-miners, in particular visors and various types of shields. During the initial stage, we worked closely with the British Royal Engineers who agreed to let us tests items during their TA training exercises in Wales in 1995.






During the next stage of this project, DTW worked with EnvoTech Ltd, a privately owned Cambodia company, with a view to starting a production facility in Cambodia. The first few years DTW and EnvoTech conducted a range of ballistics and other tests on a range of protection equipment, including visors and vests

A fully equipped manufacturing facility was set up in Cambodia in cooperation with MAG and NPA (Norwegian People’s Aid) to manufacturing the protective equipment. 



In line with DTW’s privatization policy, all equipment and procedures where  eventually transferred to EnvoTech which now supplies the DTW-designed equipment to deminers throughout the world.