Armored Iron Buffalo

Farming in mine-affected countries is hazardous due to the possibility of encountering a random landmine left behind from previous conflicts.  Humanitarian de-mining organisations realized the urgent need for an inexpensive mine protection package which could be added to a piece of farm equipment being used by indigenous people. 

DTW Challenge

The intent of this project was to provide operator protection to an “Iron Buffalo” (2 wheeled tractor) multipurpose cultivation tool presently in use in Cambodia and allover South East Asia.  DTW designed and manufactured a number of protection units for attachment to tractors in order to insure the safety of tractor operators as they work their way through framing fields.  


  •   U.S. Army Communications Electronics Research & Development Center (CERDEC)
  •  Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD), Humanitarian De-mining (HD) Program. 


The Armored Iron Buffalo has under gone ballistic testing in Cambodia; the results are currently being analyzed.