Artistic Metalworking

To commemorate the transition from Cambodia’s violent past, a decision was reached in late 2006 to create two sculptures made from decommissioned weapons.  The sculptures would be placed in the two provinces (Battambang and Kampong Thom) where the weapons
were voluntarily surrendered by citizens. The sculptures would serve as non-political, symbolic expressions of everlasting peace in the two provinces and in the nation as
a whole.
A coalition of four entities brought this vision to reality. 
The government of Japan, working through the Japan Assistance Team for Small Arms Management in Cambodia (JSAC) funded the project.  The Cambodian Ministry of the Interior oversaw the collection and destruction of the illegal weapons.  A team of nine Cambodian artists, with artistic support from Sasha Constable, designed and created the peace sculptures.






DTW Challenge

DTW’s role was to provide workshop facilities and technical support.  DTW was also responsible for overall management of the project. 

DTW and its partners joined in:

●  Recruitment of student artists from the Royal Fine Arts University;
●  Creating a workshop and providing for the safe storage of the weapons;
●  Hiring equipment and machinery;
●  Designing the sculptures and their mountings;
●  Managing the safe manufacture of the sculptures; and
●  Transport of sculptures from workshop to site and installation.

Within a period of approximately 9 months from inception to completion, DTW supervised the metalworking and other technical details associated with creation of the two sculptures.  DTW’s administrative role included managing the day-to-day work on the project, coordinating the work of the artists, and arranging final delivery of the sculptures to their respective locations in the provinces. 




●  JSAC  (Japan Assistance Team for Small Arms Management in Cambodia)
●  Ms. Sacha Constable, Artistic Advisor and  Co-founder Peace Art Project Cambodia (PAPC)


The first sculpture entitled “World of Peace ” was presented to the Provincial Government of Kampong Thom on September 27, 2007.  The sculpture itself (without mounting) measures 3.5m in height. 

The second, “Naga for Peace and Development” was presented to the Provincial Government of Battambang on October 9, 2007 and measures 6.5m in height.