Playground Equipment

About three years ago the NGO Servant Task (ST) approached DTW asking whether DTW could repair playground equipment (PGE). As always, DTW helped out and repaired several different PGE at no cost to the school.

DTW Challenge

After the initial project, DTW and ST decided to work together to improve the design and to manufacture more diverse playground equipment for Cambodian youngsters. 

For the project DTW decided to manufacture only high quality playground equipment. The following standards were used to achieve this goal:

  • Safety guidelines (no sharp edges, good grip, reasonable range of heights, etc)  
  • Sustainability (min 10 years)
  • Different size equipment for certain age-limits
  • Different color combinations
  • Optimum price/quality
  • Low maintenance and repair cost (painting, lubricating etc.)


The following equipment has been designed and developed

  • Swing
  • Slide
  • Seesaw (with and without rotation)
  • Spinner (rotation device)


DTW is now manufacturing sets on a regular basis.  We have since supplied many other types of organisations ranging from a military hospital to local schools.