Who We Are

Development Technology Workshop (DTW) is a non-profit British Charity registered in Cambodia as an International Non-Government Organisation (INGO). Our primary mission is to transfer our extensive experience in design, engineering, and technology to the benefit of people in Cambodia as well as other developing countries. To achieve the technology transfer, DTW projects involve the design, development
and production of appropriate cost-effective (humanitarian) products.

DTW is a firm believer in self-sustainability.  When a product’s design and manufacturing process is completed and the product has reached production maturity, the whole process is transferred (including personnel) to a local, existing private enterprise, with local management. In making this transfer to local management, DTW provides assistance to the development of sustainable small-scale industry in developing countries, not just in Cambodia but globally. 

DTW’s strategy is to work together with other organisations, to identify technical needs, and to satisfy those needs through quality technical design and practical implementation. We prefer to work in a reactive not proactive way so that we can respond to problems identified by people working on the ground, not in offices.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the appropriate design, mechanical engineering and transfer of technology to developing countries, including the last 10 years in Cambodia, we are uniquely    positioned to provide our customers with a first-world service in a developing world environment. 

DTW’s mission is assisted by our affiliation with the Engineering Department of the University of Warwick in the UK and in particular its Development Technology Unit. In Cambodia we are registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have a Cooperative Agreement with the Ministry of Rural Development.