The DTW "Way"

Our credo - “Where Engineering Meets Humanity and Commerce” – serves as our guiding principle.  It is reflected in the clients we choose to serve, in the work we choose to do, and in the social purposes we seek to achieve.


DTW believes that developing countries need jobs as much as, if not more than, NGO and charitable institution hand-outs.  Our goal is to serve humanity by creating wealth rather than simply redistributing it.  That is why job creation is central to everything that DTW has done and is trying to achieve.  Real sustainability – including financial and technical – is the cornerstone of every project/programme we undertake.

DTW regards its role as a being a link between the two worlds of development and commerce.  We undertake humanitarian work via imparting our design and engineering expertise to develop low-cost, locally made alternatives to imported Western models.  By doing so, we not only help the Cambodian people access first-world technologies and thereby improve their livelihoods, but we also improve Cambodia’s industrial sector via our training activities.


DTW believes that NGOs should not isolate themselves from the local business community but should direct their energy and resources to working alongside business.  By joining together and forging  common goals, both sectors have better chance of realizing improvements in the livelihoods of the common population that both seek to serve. 

To this end DTW liaises closely with the Cambodian business community.  Our General Manager is currently chairman of the Business Advisory Council, a forum in Phnom Penh to promote the skills of people with disabilities.  We believe that the non-profit sector should be more business oriented and should seek ways of generating its own income to relieve donor input.


Whilst DTW is a registered British Charity, it does not have an unwieldy UK head office.  One part-time accountant takes care of our financial bookkeeping in the UK, meaning that 99.9% of all monies generated are used on projects and programmes in Cambodia.

DTW does not accept, nor has ever asked for, monetary donations.  We have proven that a non-profit can be truly self-supporting over a long-term period.  Monies generated through the sales of our machinery and services to clients are reinvested back into the organization to pay for training or to support non-profitable projects.