Job Opportunities

Currently we have no vacancies. However, we are always happy to receive your CV in the event a suitable vacancy should arise at a later date.

Job Opportunities + Volunteering at DTW

National Staff:
DTW recruits for all positions above fabrication-technical via our web-site unless in exceptional circumstances were we will use the local printed media. We recommend you check this web-site prior to writing to DTW.

For positions under that level DTW users the Information Referral System operated by the National Centre for Disabled People or word-of-mouth.

DTW will also look to recruit a Cambodian national above an expatriate if possible. However, we are very aware that this isn’t always possible and therefore from time to time positions are available within DTW. These positions are usually for people with a specific type of skill (usually within engineering) that we cannot supply in-house.

If you are interested in working within development work and for DTW when please send your details to us even if we are not advertising a position directly.

Volunteering at DTW:
As a rule we do not accept volunteers unless they are working on a singular project and that they can add value to the project, DTW and Cambodia in general. We prefer six weeks placements and if the candidate has the right credentials are willing to pay an accommodation and food allowance. However, working for DTW is no holiday and you will be required to in the same environment and to the same standards we set all our staff, Khmer, expat, paid or unpaid.